Our Services

The real estate law services offered by Wall & Company Lawyers cover every conceivable aspect of the field. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of residential and commercial transactions.

Property & Conveyancing

Clients come to Wall & Company Lawyers for competent legal guidance on various types of ownership in real property and personal property. Wall & Company Lawyers specialise in property and conveyancing law. This comprises residential, rural, and commercial property, as well as the purchasing and selling of property in New South Wales as well as long-term residential leases, business and retail leases, and licences.

Wills, Estate Planning, and Estates of the Deceased

We specialise in estate planning, which includes wills, testamentary trusts, enduring powers of attorney, and appointments of enduring guardians. We also specialise in estates of the deceased, which includes applications for probate and letters of administration, contested will disputes, and family provision claims. If you have a solid succession plan, you can be assured that you, your loved ones, and your assets will be protected both during your lifetime and after you pass away.

Business & Commercial

We are able to assist you with the majority of business and commercial law matters, such as asset protection, self-managed superannuation funds, shareholder agreements, the purchase and sale of businesses and business structures, unit and discretionary trusts and companies, and purchase and sale of businesses and business structures. We handle litigation for intellectual property, construction disputes, and defamation, as well as low-impact and low-risk techniques for resolving conflicts, such as mediation, adjudication, arbitration, expert decision, and appraisals, when appropriate for managed resolution.

Land Ownership Litigation

We have a wealth of experience in resolving complex boundary issues, which typically include dispute procedures that are specific to the various property interests held by owners or occupants of properties that are adjacent to one another. We are able to provide assistance in the form of litigation and/or conflict resolution approaches for boundary issues between neighbours.

Local government and Planning Law

We have a profound understanding of the decision-making processes and objectives of local and environmental government planning authorities, and we offer legal advice and services to assist individuals, corporations, and government agencies that are looking for direction on matters pertaining to local government and planning law.