Wroth Wall has worked in a legal office since 1972. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1979 and operated on his own account since 1984. He moved to Byron Bay in 1990 and re-established his own practice in 1994. During the 1990’s he spend a great deal of his time and energy involved in environmental litigation and native title claims on behalf of various Bundjalung Native Title claim groups and acted in two of the first three successful claims in NSW. Throughout the whole period of his practice he has been involved in the formation of communities and groups of people owning land in common. That part of his practice has developed over the years and he has been involved in a number of significant innovations in the Northern Rivers region including the use of comprehensive agreements by tenants in common, the conversion of multiple occupancies or rural land sharing communities to community title developments, leasehold schemes and a number of other matters. He has drafted hundreds of co-owners agreements for tenants in common, many constitutions for companies operating rural land sharing communities as well as unit trusts and other agreements relating to leasehold arrangements and trusts. Recently he has conceived of a concept for the formation of “intentional neighbourhoods” originally as an alternative to retirement villages but without the constraints including age restrictions.

He has developed detailed precedents for the creation of such schemes and the transfers of interest in such schemes. Additionally he has been involved in significant litigation involving planning matters, retirement villages, building disputes, actions for possession, actions relating to the appointment of trustees for sale of land and the apportionment of the proceeds of sale. He has prepared management statements and associated documents and advised on tax and other issues relating to a large number of community title schemes. Additionally he has extensive experience dealing with non-profit organisations including companies limited by guarantee, incorporated associations and charitable trusts.

Since the early 1990s He has also served continuously on the committees and boards of a number of local community organisations.